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Scrap Car Collection Woodbridge

Whether you're throwing the towel in on a more expensive than expected MOT fail, retiring a trusty work van or doing a garden clearance, WSM are able to help out.

With a fleet of collection vehicles and the latest tracking equipment we are able to work around you and your schedule to complete a hassle free collection at your convenience.  Not only that, WSM pay highly competitive rates on scrap vehicles by tracking the latest market changes insuring that you receive the best price possible. Covering, Woodbridge with its surrounding areas and all of East Anglia, the service is a comprehensive and far reaching solution.

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Scrap Car Collection Woodbridge – Environmentally Aware Approach

All of the vehicles collected by WSM are de-polluted to the highest environmental friendly standard possible. With the largest vehicle de-pollution facility in East Anglia, great care and attention is given to insure that as much of the cars as possible is recycled and that any harmful by-products are disposed of in the correct manner. The scrap car collection is just the beginning of the process at Whip Street Motors. As the world has become more and more environmentally aware over the years legislation and the requirements made of Scrap Metal Merchants has also. Whip Street Motors follow these comprehensively and also use outside agencies to ensure not only that complete compliance is made but also to build on the recommendations. The good name of WSM is built around efficiency and the enthusiastic challenge welcoming approach the Baker family have towards the processes and exceeding customer expectation. This same attitude applies to how the scrap is dealt with it when it reaches the depolution units. When your car goes back to the earth it does so in a completely safe and a responsible manner.

Scrap Vehicle Collection Woodbridge- Safety Paramount

Safety is paramount when dealing with car collection and the team of drivers at WSM are fully safety trained for the task. Regular external as well as internal training courses are arranged to keep every member of the team up to scratch and to insure that the removal and transport of vehicles is completed safely.

Scrap Car Service Woodbridge Required?

If you would like to arrange a car collection, need a quote or would like to discuss any vehicle recycling queries then call WSM on 01473 839897 or complete the contact form on this page.