Farm Scrap Metal Clearance and Recycling

Safety First Removal of Unwanted Farm Scrap Metals

Due to the nature of farming locations, the logistics of safe removal and limited services available, clearing small or large farm scrap metal can be a headache. Large obsolete machinery that doesn’t function that’s either stuck in the back or wearing a few years of vegetation in a field is something we come across alot and can help with. Not only that, these metals often have a healthy price meaning your often put off job is actually money that can be channeled back into your business. Often the very thing that makes these old machines so awkward to move is actually it’s best trait when it comes to removing for recycling. Its weight.

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Over the years we have dealt with many types of clearance within the farming trade. We have collected but are not restricted to the following items :

  • Reapers
  • Reaper-binders
  • Portable engines
  • Ploughing engines
  • Traction engines
  • Steam tractors
  • Agricultural engines
  • Hog oilers
  • Flails
  • Threshing machines
  • Winnowing machines
  • Drag harrows

Because every farming location is different our service is very much bespoke to the needs of each customer. One of our scrap management team will visit, assess, plan and advise the best way to clear your scrap metal in the safest and most streamlined way possible. We are very flexible on hours and work with you to make sure that disruption is as minimal as possible. Our fully trained team of scrap metal operatives use the latest equipment and vehicles to remove your scrap before it is transported to our Bramford location for recycling. You can be assured that you’re in safe honest hands and that you will receive the best price we are able to give on the metal.

If you would like to discuss a farm clearance with us then either call 01473 839897 or drop us a line to [email protected] If we feel that we are able to help then we will visit you at your location to discuss moving the project forward.



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*In accordance with new regulations, Whip Street Motors can only pay by cheque or debit card transfer on scrap metals. It is illegal for us to pay cash on any type of transaction.
This now includes end of life complete vehicles. If you're in any doubt over the items you're looking to bring to us, call the weigh bridge on 01473 832878 and we are happy to clarify the payment options that are available for you.